Accueil MCCG accountancy

Our daily mission is to explain to our Sme, tpe and large corporate clients that, more than a tax obligation, accounting is both an effective management tool and a communication medium for the growth and development of their activities. .

A- keeping the accounting
Analysis and classification of documents
Imputation and Entering accounting entries
Banking reconciliation
Extra-accounting follow-up of customers and suppliers
Establishing summary statements (balance sheet, income statement, financing table, cashflow...)
B- Analytical accounting
At the request of certain savvy customers and in order to evaluate the goods produced and sold and as well as to control the internal operating conditions, we take the following steps:

Diagnosis of activity.
Setting up the organisation of work adapted to the nature of the activity.
Making prints and models of data collection documents.
Calculating production costs at each stage of production
Calculating the unit cost price

Implementation of the company-friendly accounting plan.
Monitoring, accounting.
Control of accounting services.
Accounting assistance of any kind.
Establishing periodic situations, balance sheets and income statements.
Establishing forecasting situations.
Establishing group accounts, consolidating balance sheets and accounts.

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